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Aliya Turusbekova: I am being followed

18.06.2014, Kazakhstan


The Respublika portal reports that the wife of Vladimir Kozlov, Aliya Turusbekova, is being followed. According to Turusbekova, on Tuesday 17th June, her car was tailed all day long by a suspicious looking Toyota Corolla.


That day, I was driving a lot in the city and spotted immediately that I was being followed by a Toyota Corolla with the registration numbers ГРН А 346. I do not suffer from a persecution mania, just judge for yourselves: whenever I stopped, the Toyota stopped too, and when I moved, I saw that car in my rear view mirror. Initially I thought that only I had noticed that but the people I was travelling with also noticed the suspicious car. At some point, I decided to get out of the car and ask the driver why he was following me but he did not want to talk and drove off immediately. Less than 10 minutes later, he was following me again - Aliya Turusbekova stated in an interview for the Respublika portal.


Aliya Turusbekova is certain that she is being followed by Kazakh special services. She believes that there are a few factors behind the initiation of her surveillance. She points to both a meeting between the MEP Isabel Santos with Vladimir Kozlov in prison, as well as a press interview in which Aliya shared her doubts as to whether Vladimir Kozlov would be transferred to a softer-regime facility. 


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