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Court upholds the decision on the confiscation of Kozlov’s flat

Almaty, 11.02.2015


Today (11.02.2015), the court in Almaty has upheld the decision on the confiscation of Vladimir Kozlov's flat, thus rejecting the appeal filed by the activist's wife. In order to recover her property, Turusbekova can only file an appeal with the highest instance - the Supreme Court.


Kozlov's wife appealed against the decision of May 2014 on the confiscation of the flat , relying on Kazakh law. In the light ofArticle 161 of the Kazakh Criminal Code of Procedure, confiscation of items which are of prime necessity is not allowed. Also, Article 51(3) of the same Code says that property which is considered indispensable and which belongs to a convict or the people he supports may not be confiscated. Nonetheless, it is the second time that the Court has rejected the appeal.


The flat of 40 square metres which is the subject of the legal dispute is now occupied by Aliya and her one-year old son, Alen. Other property belonging to Vladimir Kozlov was confiscated by the state earlier, immediately following the oppositionist's arrest.


Source: rus.azattyg.org



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