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Kazakh court turfs Vladimir Kozlov’s wife and child out onto the street

On 10th May 2014, the District Court in Almaty made a decision on the forfeiture of Vladimir Kozlov's apartment to the state. Thus the Kazakh administration of justice may deprive the dissident's wife and child of the roof over their heads.

"Prosecutor, Dariga Kyzyrova (who had was in the case for the liquidation of the Alga! party) and court enforcement officers demanded seizure displaying a disregard for any circumstances. "It is neither here nor there for them that a small child will be turned into the street. Of course, an appeal may be filed... But why all this?!.... It is sad" - wrote Aliya Turusbekova, the wife of Vladimir Kozlov, on the Facebook social network.

In the statement of rationale explaining the decision, the court concluded that "in accordance with item 3 of Article 71 of the Penal Procedural Code of the Kazakhstan Republic, a judgment in a criminal case which has come into effect and which provides for damages, is binding upon the Court hearing a case with civil and legal consequences of the actions of a person against whom the court judgement has been issued". The Mangystausky district Court decided, in October 2012, that residential premises too are to be subject to seizure.

The Court's decision is the result of the court judgment of October 2012. Not only was Vladimir Kozlov deprived of liberty but all of his property as well. The politician's official property largely comprised assets which actually belonged to the unregistered and delegalised Alga! party. The confiscation also included the place of residence of Kozlov and his wife. In fact, Kazakhstan's Penal and Procedural Code stipulates that "a residential house, an apartment or separate parts thereof shall not be subject to confiscation if the convict or his family reside there permanently". Hence, the politician filed an application with the Court to cancel the court order on the apartment in which Aliya Turusbekova stayed together with their son.

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