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Letter form V. Kozlov

Kazakshtan, 10.07.2014


Aliya Turusbekova has posted a letter form Vladimir on her Facebook page. In his letter, the leader of Alga!. describes, amongst other things, his prison companions - young boys who used to be hired by the government to dispel opposition's demonstrations. Kozlov also writes about the conditions in the prison barracks, so called lokalky.  


From the letter of V. Kozlov


When I called yesterday, I was glad to hear that you are all fine; from the receiver, I heard the laughter of this five-month-old miracle, and it was somehow wonderful.


It has been very hot here for several days now. During the head-checks we are standing under this sun, sometimes we have to stand there quite long, and the sun is doing its job. We come back to the barracks all wet, with dry throats and we are lucky if there is water there... I live, I watch, I see, I think. And earlier, among the people I met, there were persons who seemed vaguely familiar, as if 'ringing a bell' in my head. I thought it was only my imagination, because these people were clearly not from the 'circles' I used to have daily contact with. But it turns out I was right. They have already approached me and we had a chat. Young guys, unprompted, were telling me how they were gathered onboard several busses in villages and small towns, 'charged' with alcohol or marijuana, so that they would have more fun on the way, and they were taken for the 'job'. They all had varying degrees of criminal history, the presence of which made them amenable, because their 'recruitment' was  carried out by the local police under the leadership of the local authorities. They were transported to Almaty and other cities (Shymkent, Taraz, Taldykorgan, etc.) in order to 'participate' in opposition events, rallies, election meetings, etc. Sometimes they were all directly handed eggs, in half-dozen boxes, or something else.


Their task was to create (on the order) unrest, chaos, fights, slaughters, which then would be sttributed to the opposition which is not highly esteemed... After 'the job' was done, almost always, they organised some entertainment for them, during the day, or during the day and night, all sorts of 'happy places'; they even mentioned the water park in Almaty Holiday Park ... Where else?, and most importantly, where else would I be able to get the proof of what has been so obviously apparent during all these years of opposition activity... This was, and still is happening, these guys' actions escalated into crimes which grew in number exceeding the possibility of keeping them covered up, and then, they arrived here. But the social environment pushes into the criminal world more and more restless youth, and so all those same police officers with representatives of local authorities will continue to use these guys against the opposition; then - they will arrive here... This cycle clearly shows that such social immorality works for the benefit of those who foster it, and maintains, and even protects them from learning, gaining education,enhancing their culture, or even acquiring mere information.


Yesterday, the temple of my rimless glasses broke. Now I'm wearing the black-rimmed glasses, and I have one more pair in reserve, also rimless, which have their own case, a smaller one. I will pass the broken ones over at the meeting, perhaps they may still be repaired. The heat has subsided, it's cloudy today - a holiday for the colony. In the past few days, the sun has been heating up the metal tiles, with which the ground around our block is paved, to the temperature of the pan; you really feel like in the pan when you leave. The tiles are thick, massive, then they cool down all night and it's not coolness that comes into the cell through the window stretches, but the past hot day's heritage; someone in the barracks has a watch with a thermometer - and so yesterday, we know it was 36-37 degrees.


I read some interviews with Khodorkovsky - he is a brilliant man, so clever. His key thoughts are just further proof that the socio-political and moral worlds of Russia and Kazakhstan are identical, both generically and  more specifically. The same thoughts that come to my mind here regarding the RK, Khodorkovsky clearly presents when referring to the Russian Federation. And his vision of the ways of reforming the situation is practicable in our country as well. In connection with the fact that I know what should be done by those who have already come to understand that businesses in Kazakhstan today can only be run illegally and without guarantees of immunity, even with 100% loyalty and 'apoliticism'; I am sure that all those who 'understand' need to depart from this country soon. Ukraine and Poland are the most suitable directions, taking into account all the conditions jointly. Ukraine, of course [can be an option] only after the end of the acute phase of the developments, when the time comes to build, to create, restore and develop so much better things than before.


I am convinced that the EU and the U.S. will not only provide Ukraine with material resources, but also implement new standards of business mentality, much more transparent, and because of this, calm and predictable: 'Pay taxes and live in peace'. The Russian-Kazakh version of the saying ends with the words '... and sleep well' and it is sadly so true - if we have to pay 'all taxes', then we no longer have a reason to wake up. 'All taxes'- are taxes, and fees other than taxes, and all that 'moves the business ...'. Then, when Kazakhstan enters the new era, these people will be able to return to the Republic of Kazakhstan,  with their partners remaining in Ukraine/Poland,  not only bringing business, but also the habit of keeping it clean, transparent. And at that point, the RK will be in acute need of a large number of people with such a habit, as it is going to take a long time to eradicate in other people this 'illegal manner of doing business', which has already become the essence of  existence.


I discovered a new author of good crime stories, similar to early Akunin. Claude Izner, writes about late nineteen-century Paris. He gives many details of the history of the time, i.e. in 'The Predator of Batignolles' he describes the years 1871-1873, the times when the 'Paris Commune' emerged and decayed. A person named Veilanne, a puppet of  the Sûreté (the Secret Police), detonated a bomb in the National Assembly on 9 December, 1893. As soon as on 12 December, MPs voted for laws which destroyed democracy, freedom of the press and other rights and freedoms... from then on, the authorities were free to close magazines and newspapers, exercise strict censorship, abolish organisations and prohibit gatherings ... Doesn't it remind you of the RK of 2001?


I read Dosym Satpayev's works (please say hi to him, we did meet and talk in the past) about the intelligentsia in Kazakhstan, about its absence, obviously, with the exception of a few people. Written in a simple, reliable and comprehensive way. But after the reading, one begins to feel uneasy and sorry for the State. Very sorry.


Today or tomorrow I will go to the Pentagon (that's what they call the Administration building here). I have some questions regarding newspapers (who, and on what grounds, censors subscribe newspapers for me), regarding the deadlines, the date of my transfer to a prison department with a mild regime. I also need to find out about my personal account and about the shop. So many matters have accumulated which I don't understand, and now it's time to find out what's what.


Yesterday, not one payphone worked, so I could not call. I'll try today. Now I'm finishing my letter; I want to take it for posting. V. Kozlov.


Source: Facebook


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