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OSCE Conference: Kazakh Delegation in Defence of Kozlov



Between 22nd September and 3rd October, Warsaw is hosting the annual OSCE conference devoted to human rights. Its aim is, amongst other things, to review the fulfilment by the Organisation's members of their human rights obligations. As representatives of Kazakh civil society, Muratbek Ketebayev and Atabayev addressed Conference participants.


The well-known Kazakh film director mentioned the issue of political prisoners such as Vladimir Kozlov, Vadim Kuramshin and other persecuted activists such as Rosa Tuletayeva. Atabayev identified the reason for imprisoning Kozlov - in his opinion; the oppositionist was put behind bars for his political views.


Ketebayev also referred in his speech to the situation of Kozlov, giving an account of his persecution and the closing down, by the authorities, of the opposition Alga! party. Ketebayev emphasised, too, that the EP had adopted three resolutions in defence of Kozlov, thus confirming the political dimension of his arrest. He also warned of provocations which had been prepared against him. According to Ketebayev's information, the authorities of the colony want to force other inmates to attack Kozlov and then transfer the oppositionist to a colony of stricter regime the alleged need to save his live. 


Source: Respublika




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