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Prisoners of the Zarechnoye colony were subjected to battery

Kazakhstan, 18 December, 2014

The colony in Zarechnoye, where Vladimir Kozlov is serving his time, saw mass beatings -  Respublika reported. The most aggrevated were unit No. 9 and inmate Vadim Medvedev.

Respublika reports citing information from Medvedev's brother. Reportedly, the prisoner was beaten by a guard, the very same that had caused him to be hospitalised before. After the previous incident, the guard was dismissed from his post, but subsequently reappeared in the colony.

The battery was preceded by a visit of the Federal Penitentiary Service Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the village of  Zarechnoye. According to the portal's informant, convicts had to march and sing in front of the guests from Astana; Respublika's editor, Irina Petrushova described the situation as 'a parade of prisoners'. Following the departure of the delegation, beatings began in the colony. On 17 December, almost all inmates of unit No. 9 were subjected to battery on the prison square.


Source: Respublika 


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