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Search to be held in Kozlov’s Colony

Kazakhstan, 03.09.2014


Aliya Turusbekova reported a conversation she had had with Vladimir Kozlov. A search is to be carried out in the colony where the oppositionist is staying - of which the prisoners learned through the broadcasting station on the premises. As reported by Aliya, everyone is waiting in trepidation as no search there is carried out without the use of force and "special measures". As Turusbekova says, these "special measures" are employed for entertainment and status enhancement (the search is to be carried out by internal army soldiers). 


Turusbekova also talked about what she had heard when she was last in the colony: "When I was at the meeting, in early August, while I was waiting in a queue, I heard a story. Controllers (also soldiers of interior troops) beat a prisoner half to death (I do not know, I did not quite understand, whether it was during the search, or during a regular inspection), he fell into a coma, suffered cerebral edema and had to be taken to hospital to the town of Kapchagai".  Turusbekova is concerned that there may be beatings during the search: "Soldiers of interior troops fear nothing, they arrange mask shows, their faces are covered, and they are not afraid of responsibility, they are omnipotent at that moment".

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