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The case of Kozlov is an obstacle to closer relations between the US and Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, 17 December, 2014


As announced by the former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, Washington, taking into account the pressure exerted by the Kremlin on neighbouring countries, will continue to support Kazakhstan in the development of democracy, if Akorda takes care of the political changes. This declaration was uttered by Albright in her speech during the second US-Kazakh forum 'Cooperation for a secure future'.


According to the former secretary of state, 'Russian revisionism' could spread to other countries, where the Russian-speaking minority lives. But, as she emphasised, nobody can force these countries to choose one path or another.


Albright also spoke about the role of the US in Central Asia. In her view, the US does not carry out any games in the region, but due to its geographical position and the role which Kazakhstan plays in the region, the country will invariably be a point of interest for the US.


Albright also referred to the crisis in Ukraine. In her opinion, it was caused solely by  Russian revisionist politics. Russia is also intensifying its pressure on neighbouring countries, the entire region is watching with great concern and awaiting Putin's next step - she stated. As she emphasised, in this situation, the United States should strengthen its relations with Astana. At the same time, however, she stressed that the countries of the region must themselves choose the path they wish to follow, and it is unacceptable to impose any strategy on them.


However, the US puts forward several conditions for closer cooperation with Kazakhstan. They include the demand that the pace of the political changes must not be behind the rate of economic development. Washington cannot ignore the worrying trends in the field of observance of human rights. As an example, Albright referred to the case of the opposition politician, Vladimir Kozlov, calling it "a step in the wrong direction." Concluding, she declared that due to the fact that the declared democracy does not work in practice, the US are ready to support Kazakhstan and its neighbours in the development of 'true democracy'.


Source: Respublika 


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