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Turusbekova’s appeal rejected

Almaty (Kazakhstan), 03.07.2014


Today the municipal court of Almaty heard the appeal filed by Vladimir Kozlov's wife, Aliya Turusbekova, who appealed against the verdict of the Almaty regional court concerning the seizing of their apartment. Judge Zhanna Altayeva rejected Turusbekova's appeal, thus upholding the regional court verdict, according to which the apartment will be confiscated.


Attorney Olga Kim, who represents Turusbekova, cited a regulation that prohibits confiscation of a sole place of residence. Despite that, prosecutor Sarah Zhilkibaeva stated that the verdict of the Almaty regional court of May 10, 2014, was valid, and therefore the municipal court was not lawfully allowed to issue decisions that would contradict the previous verdict.  


The apartment is owned by Vladimir Kozlov, who is currently in prison. Over the last several years his other assets have also been seized by the state. The apartment of 40 sqm., which according to today's verdict is to be confiscated, was used by Kozlov's wife, Aliya Turusbekova and their 7-month-old son Alen.





Source: rus.azattyq.org 


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