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Vladimir Kozlov: “I’ve had a Kazakh son!"

"I've been on my toes the whole day - I've had a Kazakh son!!! A really tiny Kazakh creature, of

nayman-kazakh blood. A fearsome hybrid indeed, for neither his ma nor pa, lack in their political

protesting potential. It'd be good if he could celebrate his civil maturity in a different Kazakhstan



Well, that's all in the far and distant future for now, and yet impatience gnaws at me from the

inside, I so much want to see him, hold him in my arms… And even an idiotic reply from the

Prosecutor General, in which they tell me the KUIS [Criminal executive system committee of

Kazakhstan] violated nothing at all, that I was allegedly "given" my answer back in August and that

I should be informed (though I asked no-one to do it) that I ought to serve my entire sentence

in the same colony… all in all - blah, blah, blah, as the KUIS usually goes, not a single mention of

the severe violations of law when I got hounded in here for the first time… even the fact that the

Prosecutor General dances to the KUIS tune, and all of them together being a sorry spectacle to

watch - none of that is going to ruin my mood today.


Who cares about KUIS, who gives a damn about the Prosecutor - I've had a son! I am so proud

that I have him, that I have children to be proud of, and I shall live my life so that they can always

be proud of me".


Vladimir Kozlov

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