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escort under guard

Yesterday everything was so fast: escort under guard, Facility 18, 4 hours of waiting in the 'waiting room', a cell for two, and the information that today at 3:05 PM we are leaving to Mangistau in a prison car.


We managed to speak with Sapargali briefly. He's fine. He's not broken. If we meet at the station today, we'll talk some more. We just don't have much to talk about regarding the investigation - we'll just tell the truth.


Here, at Facility 18, everything is different compared to the NSC prison. In the evening the 'screaming mail' starts. There are lot of cells - the building has 4 or 5 floors.


They asked us, the newcomers (searching our pockets), for our 'passes', i.e. personal information on paper: full name, where are we from, article. This is for the prison, for the watchers - they 'stamp' the information about who we are, who knows us and how - there's a lot of people in the prison...

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