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Today is cleaning day - Wednesday. No visits, no packages, just library. Basically, we mostly return the books, not borrowing too much at all - thank you, we have enough books for now. We read everything, and we even 'equipped' our Muslin - he already reads Dan Brown and the books about Putin and Stalin.


We talk about the coexistence of 'his Islam' (with its Sharia law) and the society which lives under the Constitution and secular laws. The Muslin is calm. He's not a fanatic, he knows how to listen.


So do I - we get along without conflicts, everything is alright. And for me, as a politician, who wants to reform the system of government, such discussions are useful, because the problem will have to be solved, and definitely not continue in a way it is right now.


You can see for yourself when you bring packages, who stands in the queue with you. And you realise, who represents the main contingent of our 'inner prison of the NKVD' (the building was built with that exact name in the early 30s), so now I can say for sure that putting these people here, and, generally, in any places of detention, is a huge mistake that is very 'promising' in terms of negative consequences thereof.


They are enemies of any authority other than Allah (they support the Sharia law and it cannot be otherwise). So they end up in places like this, where there are people somehow dissatisfied with our government - they are bitter, depressed and angry.


Is it due to cases or guilt - that's not important in this context. They are the 'Muslims' (that's what they call them here), and, first of all, the prison workers focus on not putting them together in the same cell, especially if they're here because of the same case - it's understandable.


So all of them end up in an environment that is most favourable for their 'teaching'. Since outside they have to look for people dissatisfied with the authorities, here, in this regard, is everything they need.


A 'Muslim' is against any authorities other than Sharia law, and those who are with him in the cell are dissatisfied with  a particular government. Extracts from the Koran, compassion, some examples of 'persecution for the faith' and the game is on. Especially with plenty of time and no need to take care of the subsistence. The conditions are perfect for spreading religious propaganda.


From what I know, there are results: an increasing number of people start to read Salah for the first time in detention, but already believing before in what their 'mentors' believe. Then, they will be moved to colonies and the word goes around...


It's obvious that such measures of influence are counterproductive: if the authorities strive to oppose (and that is a fact, since the desire to create a Sharia-based country leads to separatism or terrorism in some cases), then it's necessary to create an opposition adequate to their efforts.


For example, speak more of what the creation of such a country would mean for all of us - what would be the losses, even for the Muslims (but not the 'Sharia' Muslims).


If you read the Sharia "law code", you will see that it is reminiscent of the Stone Age - a complete negation of civilisation in general. Anything that is not 'in the name of Allah' is a crime, and stoning seems to be the most 'fashionable' punishment. It is understandable why it's not acceptable today for the absolute majority of people, and that's why there is not one Sharia-based country in the world.


And the most ardent, aggressive supporters of creating 'Sharia caliphates' are imprisoned, even in Egypt, Saudi Arabia or similar countries. Their weakness is the utopian inconsistency of time, rejection of the whole world and aggression towards it. 


And that's what's necessary to be shown when destroying their 'Islamism' in this form. It's important to show people that the 'Muslims' are not dangerous as the conservatives they are, as the society will simply never accept them.


However, here's the second major point - it's important to decrease the number of people dissatisfied with the authorities. And not by placing them in prisons or other places where they will become 'jihad fighters', but by improving the quality of their 'habitat' in the outside world.

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