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The watch

Now we have a watch - one of us does. It's owner reads Salah and there is a board on the wall with the recommended time of prayer for each day of the month.


Both of my inmates were noticed that their cases have already been forwarded to the prosecutor's office, and within a month their trials will be held. And while we tell "tall tales" of our previous lives and roar with laughter, prison workers bang on the door demanding silence.


Silence is obligatory in here - it feels like nap time at the kindergarten, but I really don't mind. Sometimes I think it's even better this way. I fall asleep to the sound of Salah, just like I used to fall asleep to the sound of the TV only a few months ago...


Two of us ate Easter cakes and painted eggs - the third one refused 'just in case', even though I told him they were not blessed in church. It was delicious, kop rakhmet ['thank you very much'].


A lawyer came in - we talked about news from the outside world. He told me that they "prolonged" my stay to 23th of May - great!.. Newspapers came! 'Vzglyad', 'Vremya', the new 'Svoboda Slova' ('Freedom of speech'?


What the hell is this? Some kind of horror...), 'Pravda Kazakhstana' - for about two hours we had a makeshift reading room in here. One of us got the 'Vecherka' and 'Kazpravda'. We compared them with the other papers - official rubbish! News from the battlefields like 'everything's fine in Baghdad'... Scumbag publications, just like they did about Zhanaozen - they keep their mouths shut all the time...

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