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With you

I came back from the meeting with you. My inmates are asking me why I suddenly fell silent, lost in my thoughts. And after the meeting I think: it's not me, in here, who has it the worst - it's you, out there.


And I don't know how to help you. It's you who they escort with cars, who they try to provoke and somehow knock you off the position, from which you are defending me right now. Hold on, my dear. Let my strength come to you and help you in this difficult time. We will be together no matter what.


This rotten and pointless time will go away together with this rotten and pointless system, and it will be much sooner than they think. And by 'they' I mean those who created and who try to save this corrupt, foul and snobby system - violating the law, regulations and their own minds. Hold on, I'm with you - as I always am.

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