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PEN International - Kazakhstan: Government must commit to protecting freedom of expression as UN reviews human rights record

  • The Kazakh authorities should heed calls for greater protection of freedom of expression made by several states during today’s review of its human rights record, PEN International said today.  more


Respublika - Aliya Turusbekova: “It used to be four visits a year, now it’s two.”

  • This Wednesday, Aliya Turusbekova visited Vladimir Kozlov, a political prisoner. As Vladimir has recently had problems with the administration of the penal colony, we have asked her to describe how things stand for him now. more


OSCE Conference: Kazakh Delegation in Defence of Kozlov

  • Between 22nd September and 3rd October, Warsaw is hosting the annual OSCE conference devoted to human rights.  more


Vladimir Kozlov faces provocations contrived to bring about his transfer to a stricter regime penal colony. Prisoners are subjected to battery

  • Following the refusal to transfer Vladimir Kozlov to a penal colony with less stringent conditions, pressure exerted on him by the administration of the colony has increased. more


Will there be a provocation against Kozlov?

  • An independent Kazakh news website, Respublika, reported on provocations being orchestrated against Kozlov. According to journalist I. Petrushova, the force behind them is the administration of the colony.  more


Those who were shooting, are already at large

  • Six police officers who shot on people in Zhanaozen, are already at home, the political prisoner Vladimir Kozlov has reported in a letter to his family. It is noteworthy that they were serving time in very comfortable conditions, they weren’t even made to wear prison uniforms or attend head-counts. more


Stop maltreating our son!

  • Worried by their lack of contact with their son, the parents of Vladimir Kozlov, leader of the ‘Alga!’ party, made an appeal regarding him. In their letter, they expressed deep concern and called on the head of the colony where Kozlov is staying, to stop maltreating the oppositionist.  more


Why is Kozlov silent?

  • As reported by Respublika portal, there is no contact with the Kazakh defender of human rights Vladimir Kozlov who is serving his penalty of deprivation of liberty in a colony in Zarechnoe. In the meantime, Colonel Abylgazy Idilov, head of the colony in which Kozlov is staying, has been interviewed by Azattyk radio. more


Pressure applied to Vladimir Kozlov

  • As reported by Respublika, in the colony where Vladimir Kozlov is serving his sentence, staff of the National Security Committee (KNB) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSW) are influencing the establishment’s administration.  more

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