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Search to be held in Kozlov’s Colony

  • Aliya Turusbekova reported a conversation she had had with Vladimir Kozlov. A search is to be carried out in the colony where the oppositionist is staying – of which the prisoners learned through the broadcasting station on the premises.  more


Turusbekova: “An order was given: do not transfer”

  • After visiting Vladimir Kozlov, Aliya Turusbekova told Respublika journalists about false allegations against the leader of Alga! made by the prison’s administration. more


Kozlov not to be transferred to a lighter regime colon

  • Vladimir Kozlov, incarcerated at Zarechnoy near Almaty (Kazakhstan) has had his application for a transfer to a lighter discipline colony rejected. more


Frankfurt Supports Kozlov

  • On the eve of the birthday of the Kazakh oppositionist Vladimir Kozlov, an action to support the leader of Alga! Party was held in Frankfurt. more


Kazakhtelekom is threatening to sue Kozlov

  • Kazakhtelekom has threatened to sue Vladimir Kozlov for a 40 thousand tenge debt relating to unpaid phone bills. Meanwhile, the apartment where the phone in question is connected in actual fact, belongs to the state, according to a 2013 court order. more


Letter form V. Kozlov

  • Aliya Turusbekova has posted a letter form Vladimir on her Facebook page.  more


Turusbekova’s appeal rejected

  • Today the municipal court of Almaty heard the appeal filed by Vladimir Kozlov’s wife, Aliya Turusbekova, who appealed against the verdict of the Almaty regional court concerning the seizing of their apartment.  more


Aliya Turusbekova: I am being followed

  • The Respublika portal reports that the wife of Vladimir Kozlov, Aliya Turusbekova, is being followed. According to Turusbekova, on Tuesday 17th June, her car was tailed all day long by a suspicious looking Toyota Corolla. more


Could Kozlov be released on parole?

  • “With pen and sword” („С пером и шпагой!”) monthly published an interview with Aliya Turusbekova, the wife of Vladimir Kozlov. more

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