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A letter from Vladimir Kozlov

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Vladimir Kozlov wrote a letter to the Open Dialog Foundation. Kozlov thanked for taking action to help him and also expressed his desire to meet with representatives of the Foundation after leaving prison.

Below you can find a translated excerpt from a letter.



Lyuda, Bartek and everyone who is with you, good morning! or whatever time of day it is where you are when you read this!

I will try to describe my delight at receiving your letter together with your (Open Dialog Foundation) report on my case :))))!!! And even more. My weak, prisoner-of-conscience heart :) could hardly bear this unexpected joy. I am most thankful and even more grateful for your contribution, for your compassion, for this huge, painstaking effort that took the shape of a great professional, legal and human document - the report. Of course I did know that you were doing a lot in general to improve my circumstances, to return me home, to let us all meet together "At Shveyk"… but the quality of your effort, the quality of your report bespeaks something even greater - it bespeaks your earnestness, your humanity, your affinity for myself, Aliya, for us, for our beloved country. I bow to you with heartfelt gratitude - to you and all those who in one way or another, are involved in my fate. Please, when you have the chance, do give them all (I am not going to name anyone as I am afraid I might inadvertently omit someone and upset them) my deepest gratitude, my thanks and my promise that I will thank them in person, whenever I get the opportunity.

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