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Colony’s administration changes the rules. Telephone calls may only be made between 2pm and 3pm



Zarechnoye, 03.02.2015


The administration of the colony in Zarekhnoye (LA 155/14), where Vladimir Kozlov is staying, has tightened up the rules concerning the hours during which relatives can call prisoners. Since 3 February 2015, about 1000 people wishing to talk can call only between the hours of 14.00 and 15.00. When setting the new rules, the colony's authorities referred to the need to meet the legal requirements.


Kazakh human rights defenders have not spoken about the matter yet, said Aliyia Turusbekova, Kozlov's wife. When requested to cite the legal regulations which require a reduction in the number of calls, the head of the colony, Abylgazy Idilov, also remained silent.


Also, in the colony where the activist is staying, only two long meetings per year are permitted, and the number of packages that can be sent to the colony is limited too.


More frequent visits are possible in colonies with more lenient regimes. However, despite his good conduct, Kozlov has just been denied a transfer, thus he is isolated him from his wife and one-year old son.


Source: Facebook profile of Aliya Turusbekova


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