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Does Kozlov pose a threat?

Kazahstan, 12 December, 2014


From Kozlov's evaluation, written by the head of the colony, in which the dissident is serving his prison sentence, it follows that he poses a threat to the inmates. The false description was used as an argument for the refusal to change the conditions of his imprisonment.

Aliya Turusbekova, the wife of Vladimir Kozlov, was presented with the evaluation of her husband, on the basis of which the court refused to transfer him to a colony with a more lenient regime. The head of the colony in Zarechnoye (LA 155/14), Abylgazy Idilov wrote an evaluation of the dissident, in which it states that Kozlov has a negative attitude towards work, does not challenge himself and does not want to improve his education. His moral and intellectual abilities were assessed as average. He also stated that the former leader of the 'Alga!' party poses a threat to people around him and requires monitoring by the colony administration.






This evaluation must have been a result of collaboration with the highest ranks. And they are the ones who tremble whilst documenting that he is dangerous to others, all the time referring to themselves - Aliya Turusbekova commented on the opinion of the head of the colony.


Source: Respublika


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