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Pressure applied to Vladimir Kozlov

Kazakhstan, 11.09.2014


As reported by Respublika, in the colony where Vladimir Kozlov is serving his sentence, staff of the National Security Committee (KNB) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSW) are influencing the establishment's administration. It is upon their order that the administration is apparently playing off other prisoners against the oppositionist. Such information was conveyed by Kozlov himself during a telephone conversation with his wife Aliya.


In recent weeks, the conditions in the colony where Kozlov is detained have aggravated dramatically. Recently, the leader of the 'Alga!' party has been denied a transfer to a penal colony with a less stringent regime. Opinions have also been voiced that provocations are being prepared which are targeted at the politician, which would enable his move to a colony with stricter regime. Now, Kozlov is reporting more pressures. The administration of the colony pressed upon by the KNB and the MSW, is forcing prisoners to nag Kozlov.


"They brought the troops, they surrounded the colony, and they all were standing with their faces covered by masks whilst menacingly beating their shields with their batons." - Aliya writes on Facebook. As Kozlov's wife asserts, contact with the prisoners is made difficult, telephone booths are closed down almost all the time.


"If something happens to Vladimir Kozlov (provocation, threat to life and health), the direct instigators and organisers of this provocation will surely be N. Abykayev and K. Kasymov, and with   the head of the LA 155/14 colony, A. Idilov pulling the strings."  - Aliya said.


Source: Respublika-kaz.info

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