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Stop maltreating our son!

16.09.2014, Kazakhastan


Worried by their lack of contact with their son, the parents of Vladimir Kozlov, leader of the 'Alga!' party, made an appeal regarding him. In their letter, they expressed deep concern and called on the head of the colony where Kozlov is staying, to stop maltreating the oppositionist. 


Kozlov's parents mention in their letter the colonies where their son served his sentence. The leader of 'Alga!' party was taken to Zarechnoe from Petropavlovsk in northern Kazakhstan. There is now a risk that the authorities will move Kozlov to an establishment in Pavlodar, which would deprive him of contact with his family (Pavlodar is over 1400 kilometres from Almaty). 


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"I, Valentina Kozlova, and my husband, Ivan Kozlov, are prepared to accept all the 'blows' of the fate in the colony LA 155/14 to alleviate our son from such treatment. Searches, solitary confinement, hunger, thirst, deprivation and lack of professional medical care."  - Kozlov's parents plead.


The Kozlov's address their letter to the colony's head, Idilov. - We appeal to you as parents to a parent, if there is any humanity left in you, please have mercy on our son and grandchildren! - the oppositionist's parents plead in despair. The Kozlov's ask for an end to the terror in the colony and to cease exerting pressure on him.


Source: Respublika 

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