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Why is Kozlov silent?

Kazakhstan, 15.09.2014


As reported by Respublika portal, there is no contact with the Kazakh defender of human rights Vladimir Kozlov who is serving his penalty of deprivation of liberty in a colony in Zarechnoe. In the meantime, Colonel Abylgazy Idilov, head of the colony in which Kozlov is staying, has been interviewed by Azattyk radio. As Idilov claims "all is fine with Kozlov".


Respublika's team suspect that the colony's authorities are most probably preparing a provocation against Kozlov, wanting to move him to a colony with a stricter regime. The first indications that appeared after a conversation of the 'Alga!' party leader with his wife in which he mentioned pressure exerted upon him by the prison's administration. Soon afterwards, A. Idilov was interviewed by Azzatyk radio attempting to deny the rumours about the planned provocation.


As Idilov asserts, on 11th September (on the day when Turusbekova talked to Kozlov) none of the prisoners were beaten up. No search amongst the prisoners was carried out either.


Protests against the interview were voiced by, amongst others, the editor of Respublika portal, Irina Petrushova, who accused Idilov of lying. According to Petrushova, prisoners were beaten up in the colony, in particular the ones who complained about the colony's staff to the commission who had visited the establishment a few days before. As reported by Respublika's editor, after the commission had left, ten prisoners were taken to a punishment block, two of them disabled inmates. Petrushova also claimed that the pressures upon Kozlov were inspired by the colony's head himself who wanted to get rid of the oppositionist through the acts of other prisoners. The prison administration are attempting to prompt hatred against Kozlov by, for instance, restricting their number of calls to their families. Prisoners can now use the telephone for only two hours during the day and there are long queues to get hold of the telephones. Everyone is blaming Kozlov for the stricter measures. Petrushova also reported that tension was growing in the colony. Rumours circulated that some of the prisoners were to be transported to the colony in Pavlodar, Kozlov to be one of them. Pavlodar is the place where people such as the social activist and poet Aron Atabek are kept. The establishment is known for its exceptionally harsh conditions.


His wife, Aliya Turusbekova, is worried about Kozlov too. She has not heard from him for nearly a week now.


Source: Respublika, azattyq.org

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