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nachrichtenheutedeutschland.com: Kazakhstan, Great Britain: Don’t try to talk to us about human rights, 07.01.2013

  • President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, during his meeting with the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, said that no one should have any doubts about human rights being respected in this former Soviet republic.  

gruene-bundestag.de: Long prison sentence for Vladimir Kozlov – Federal government should finally take a stand on Kazakhstan, 09.10.2012

  • Viola von Cramon, Spokeswoman for EU foreign relations, has expressed her views concerning the sentencing of the Kazakh opposition leader to 7.years and 6 months’ imprisonment.  

Zenith: Kasachstan: Opposition activist Kozlov threatened with long prison sentence, 28.06.2012

  • Kazakh authorities continue to take drastic measures against the opposition forces. About a week after the arrest of cultural activist and director Bolat Atabayev, another member of the opposition movement, Vladimir Kozlov, may face further charges.  

Dradio.de: Tour de force on the Caspian Sea, 17.12.2011

  • Many of the striking oilworkers were killed during clashes in Western Kazakhstan. Almost unnoticed by the world and even by the general public of the Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan, this longstanding conflict reached a climax this weekend.  

Dradio.de: How opposition in Kazakhstan is seeking a role to play, 05.02.2011

  • The former Soviet republic, Kazakhstan, since its declaration of independence 20 years ago, has been under the rule of president Nursultan Nazarbayev. And the self-proclaimed “leader of the nation” has been working hard to make sure that his term does not come to an end anytime soon. What’s more, the country’s extremely weak opposition can hardly be expected to achieve much.  

Tengri: Kazakhstan: Lone fighters opposition forces in Kazakhstan, 05.02.2011

  • The debate surrounding a referendum concerning the presidential election and subsequent decision to “replace” the referendum with early presidential elections has shown yet again, that democracy in Kazakhstan remains under the influence of political elites. This does not seem to prompt any resistance from the general public. Even the opposition forces are unable to counter these tactical manouvres.  

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