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How can you help?

Write, join us, share and get involved!

Vladimir Kozlov, the leader of Kazakhstan's largest opposition party Alga! (Forward!) is currently serving a sentence of 7 years and 6 months' imprisonment for allegedly 'inciting social hatred'. The Freedom House, other international organisations and European Union observers described his trial as lacking the minimum requirements of justice. Now you can also show your support for Vladimir Kozlov.


Write to Vladimir Kozlov


Send your letter directly to the prison where Vladimir Kozlov is currently being held:


                                  Address: 150000 Republic of Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk,
                                             ul. 1-ya Zarechnaya 100, Prison ЕС 164/3


Write to a Kazakh embassy


Send a letter to defend Vladimir Kozlov to the Kazakhstan embassy in your country.


Join us


Together, we can break the silence. Join us on Facebook, to receive updates about Kozlov and other political prisoners in Kazakhstan.




You can express your opposition to political repressions by sharing this page on social media such as Facebook or Twitter and by disseminating this information among your friends. The more distribution channels we build, the louder our voice will be heard.


Get involved


Your support activities may take various forms: from online petitions to rallies. If you have an idea of how to disseminate knowledge about the situation of political prisoners in Kazakhstan, and to raise awareness in your community, let us know! We are open to collaboration.



                    THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORT TO HELP!

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