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Open Dialog Foundation

The Open Dialog Foundation was established in 2009. The Foundation pays special attention to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


The Foundation's objectives include:


  • Promotion of European values of democracy and the rule of law, informing the citizens of states that are in the early stages of democracy, of their rights and freedoms
  • Public advocacy of human rights and civil liberties
  • Educational and training programs for social leaders from the former Soviet space as a venue for the exchange of experience between civil activists in Europe and Asia
  • Financial and organizational support for social initiatives promoting the implementation of human rights and freedoms
  • Organisation of international independent monitoring missions for presidential, parliamentary elections and local self-governance elections, particularly in countries of the former Soviet Union
  • Organising an and conducting analytical research projects in order to identify the real problems and their social causes as well as studying public opinion in countries at different stages of democratic changes
  • Formation of public opinion in the European Union in order to improve the understanding of the importance of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in countries in the former Soviet space

The Foundation's activity is financed by grants and donations from individuals and legal entities.


The Foundation provides more detailed information about its activity on its webpage:






Open Dialog Foundation
11a Szucha Avenue, office 21
00-580 Warsaw, Poland
tel: +48 507 739 025
mail: odfoundation (at) odfoundation.eu

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