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Nowa Gazeta: Kazakhstan: Hope cannot be imprisoned – a letter from Amirzhan Kosanov to Vladimir Kozlov, 7.04.2013

  • One of the leaders of the Kazakh opposition, Amirzhan Kosanov, published a letter addressed to Vladimir Kozlov.  

Polityka: A cherry without the cake, 6.02.2013

  • Jacek Żakowski’s conversation with former Polish President, Aleksander Kwaśniewski about his role as an adviser to Nazarbayev and the current situation in Kazakhstan.  

Polskie Radio: Kazachstan: the trials of oppositionists resemble the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, 10.09.2012

  • Following sanguinary protests in Zhanaozen, the authorities of Kazakhstan brought the opposition before the court, blaming it for the unrest in the country. Activists face more than ten years’ imprisonment.  

wp.pl: Kazakhstan: the trial of the opposition leader has commenced, 16.08.2012

  • In Kazakhstan, the trial of one of the opposition leaders, Vladimir Kozlov, the head of the unregistered party ‘Alga!’, has commenced. No details of the indictment act have been made public, but reportedly, the charges are connected with the December riots in the town of Zhanaozen.  

Wprost: USA accuse Kazakhstan of ‘muzzling the opposition’, 09.08.2012

  • The U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan has accused the authorities of the country of using thejudicial system to ‘silence the voices of the opposition’. The statement was issued following the sentencing of one of the opposition leaders, Vladimir Kozlov, to 7.5 years in prison on Monday.  

wp.pl: The EU cannot remain indifferent in the face of the sentences against the opposition in Kazakhstan, 09.08.2012

  • The EU cannot remain indifferent in the face of the sentences of imprisonment, handed down to some oppositionists in Kazakhstan – stated attorney Jacek Świeca, an expert of the Open Dialog Foundation. He considers that the European Union is in possession of instruments to exert pressure on the authorities of that country, e.g. in the case of Vladimir Kozlov, who was sentenced to seven and a half years’ imprisonment.  

Piotr Borys: Kazakhstan – oppositionists - an appeal, 23.03.2012

  • Kazakh opposition activists call on the EU and Poland for help. At least a dozen representatives of the independent Kazakh organisations are being remanded in custody. Arrests and trials are ungrounded – assures the opposition and calls for support from the EU.  

The Association of Polish Journalists: Igor Vinyavskiy calls on the Kazakh authorities to hold an honest dialogue, 23.03.2012

  • During a press conference at the headquarters of the EP office, Igor Vinyavskiy, the editor-in-chief of the opposition newspaper ‘Vzglyad’, spoke about the difficult political situation in Kazakhstan, his stay in detention and the ill-treatment of detainees.  

wp.pl: Hundreds of people demanded the release of political prisoners, 17.03.2012

  • Several hundred people came to the rally at the Pushkin Square in Moscow, demanding that the Kremlin release political prisoners, including the businessman, Alexei Kozlov, who was sentenced on Thursday to five years’ imprisonment in a correctional labour colony.  

Andrzej Grzyb: Polish politician stands up for the Kazakh opposition again, 15.03.2012

  • The reaction of the Vice-President of the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the European Parliament, MP Andrzej Grzyb, to the alarming situation surrounding the Kazakh opposition and the apprehension of the opposition movement leaders and journalists by the Kazakh National Security Committee.  

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