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In one cell with sapargali

They told us that we're leaving at 12:30 PM. I left the electric kettle to my inmates. That's the only one in the entire wing - it will probably be of great benefit to a lot of people...


I have almost no products left for the trip - tea, sugar, a small handful of black raisins (still left from Almaty) and that's all. No cup or spoon, no other dish to take some water. Okay, I'll survive...


They brought me downstairs, where the 'waiting room' and the search room are. I met Sapargali there. We were in the same 'waiting room' for a few minutes. It is clear that we will be travelling together, 'accompanied' by some special NSC instructions.


This is clear due to a sharp change in the police behaviour. One of the officers (the one who searched me for the first time when I arrived) came in and wished me good luck.


The head guard apologised before the search - now this an Aktobe-Magistau escort. In the truck they welcomed me like a friend, saying 'Hello, Volodya'. So the word spreads, people are getting acquainted. Serik is with me in the same truck.


He's doing great, I simply admire him. 'Stolypin' - the huts are clean, they gave us garbage bags. The group consists of older people - contractors. Anyway, everything's fine. Serik and I are in the same hut. And we are alone, apart from the others.

It's very hot. Serik has got a one-litre container filled with water, a spoon and aluminium plate. They gave me the fan back in Aktobe - if there was only was a socket... We're leaving. We're sweating and sticky. Everything's sticky and hot. We talk to each other and communicate with the rest of the huts (shouting).


It's evening and I'm hungry. The guards gave us two cans of 'bream in oil'. It sounds much better than it tastes. Smells like if it was scooped out of a swamp and thrown in the cans. But we ate everything (we were very, very hungry), dipping bread in the oil - we were given four loaves of bread just for the two of us. We rinsed the cans with boiling water - these are our cups now.

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