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Other side of the mirror

All these eight-and-a-bit months of the "other side of the mirror" in jail were a forcible yet invaluable experience, of becoming immersed in an environment that you can't see from that side of freedom, and this environment constitutes a micro-model of our society: when we established the party we created a model of what there's supposed to be, and when I was in Almaty enjoying freedom, I could hardly see anything. As I stayed in solitary confinement cell No. 118 at the "Aktau central pen", I could understand almost everything.


The concentration of human fates, minimum-length communication vectors, (almost) no necessity to hide (decorate) the real levers and counterbalances of the local authority (what for? - no one leaves it here for anyplace; it's a state within a state, like the Vatican) - as if it were an anatomical model: you can see what goes where and where it comes from and you understand why. It will come in handy.


The "civilian-looking" guys pretending to be controllers really got their share because of me.  Once myself and Jacques (Sapargali, from the medical section of the jail, solitary cell) that is, somehow quietly (the barred door in the jail corridor was open) got to the prison hall after court and we saw this unidentified guy try to dive into one of the niches. He understood he'd been too late, so he went out of there, we even chatted for a while. They can be heard otherwise (although they whisper next to the cell); you can see them - there are ways of seeing them. Maybe this is NCS's standing variant of treating "their" prisoners when they're not at the DNKB remand prison.


As for the violence that occurred at the beginning (Venera Sarsembina, the lawyer witnessed that), there's no such violence, as it is all concealed these days; they even have "quiet" shoes making it easier to steal up on the peephole. At the DNKB remand prison in Almaty there was a strip of carpet on the floor; the setup hasn't changed there since the times of the NKVD.

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