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sign of peace

It's cold, only 13 degrees Celsius at night (as I heard in the radio). No mug, spoon or cup in the morning. It's hard to say 'no' to breakfast, but there's also no way to eat it. I'm mad.


I boiled some water in my kettle and made myself a coffee with powdered milk. I drink, write and do push-ups - a new habit of mine. A knock on the door - another inspection, five people. 'Name? article?' - '164'. Again, 'an inspector is coming to us' - I explain. They understand. I talk about the toilet and everything. The chief orders it to be fixed  and they all leave. One and a half hours later nothing's changed.


...I just saw it and I was stunned. The room has two 0.8 x 0.8 windows and not too high - at about 6 feet. The windows have 4 rows of bars - three near the inside and one on the outside.


Between them there is an empty space of about 40 cm. And there (!!!) a dove made a nest and raises its young there. This is terrifyingly symbolic - peace and freedom between two rows of bars. What will they become when they grow up? Born behind bars...


I'm alone in the cell. It is unlikely to be an accident, just like everything else that happened before. I shall consider it a sign of special treatment, but with no additional reason...


...An hour and a half passed and a duty officer came in. I was transferred to another cell in the same corridor, at the other end. In the hut there are two double bunk beds and two prisoners. The cell has water and a clean toilet - it's tidy in here. I pulled out the kettle - that's a treat for them. They have no visitors, no packages.

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