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soon at aktau

Our newspapers are going around the huts. I hear the men yelling obscenities when reading courtroom news about Zhanaozen. Serik and I talk about various political topics. We don't discuss the case, as we are 'accomplices'.


We've already told the truth during the investigation. I also told the investigator Shaiken that it will be easy for us to defend in the court - we'll just tell the truth again. We don't deny the events - we just disagree with the fact that the investigation is trying to categorize our political activities as a crime. Serik reads the newspapers which he has not read yet.


It's very hot. There are no windows in the cell, only blank, grey walls on three sides. The windows in the corridor are open 10-15 cm - there's no draught. Some of the guards read newspapers too - they treat Serik and me with respect.


As we passed Kulsary, they coupled the 'Stolypin' right behind the locomotive. We can feel the gas and smoke now. We're leaving again... Take care and say 'hello' to all of our people and to those who remember us and understand our situation. This is very important to those who are far away and innocent.


We will soon arrive at Aktau - our homeland. I'll try to arrange the transfer of this letter to you before the search in the Aktau detention centre. Take care and see you soon.

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