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Well the thing that they call the 'trial' has passed. I was mistaken in my assumptions that I would receive a total of 6 months. It's very hard to see your friends in the courtroom who thought that "a nightingale's trill" spells the coming of the spring. Dawn doesn't come just because the rooster has crowed.


OK, let's go. It's disgusting, yet expectable at any rate. They did not collar me in such a stupid way, without any legal basis, without any reason and logic, they did agree to look in the mirror as uniformed buggers in order to release me later; although both then and now they see the same thing and in the same way.


The judge... I feel for the criminal boss of the judge: he held on so well and ended up in such a way. On second thoughts, why should I feel for him - everyone has a choice, they make theirs just as we make ours. And for your own decisions, whatever they might be motivated by, you are bound to respond to them with what you condemned others to, rather than by the well-you-know, looking for understanding.


He let the system into himself, he let it change him, that's why he should be called an appropriate name now. You only have honor only once; for a lifetime and you can only lose it once, try as you might to regain it later.


Two days before the trial the "unidentified" ones were taken away from the jail. The decision was obviously made as early as then. Its all clear, it's done. Everyone is feeling much better without them. The guards have now started to talk, as before they were as quiet as mice; the only thing they would say was yes and no.


I would like to make an unambiguous and separate statement about Sapargali: I respect his firmness and conduct in jail. He honestly served almost 9 months in jail under such conditions where a day seems like a month. He did not say a single word against me.


Naturally, there was nothing much to say; however, many did find something to say when pressed. I wouldn't like him to be judged by those who are not in a position to understand something they haven't been through. Personally, I respect him.


Aminov was intimidated both by the investigators and by the lawyers, and his own companions didn't exactly spare him, either. Aminov, as well as all of them, were never criminals. They were typical gossiping, foul-mouthed workers.


They meant good, but they didn't know how to do it, so they tattled a whole lot of rubbish, based on which these uniformed stinkers cooked up accusations against them. At the end of the day Aminov started to realize something; we talked to each other at that time.


Also during trial he displayed quite some courage to answer that Kozlov never gave him any instructions in any way, "not even through third parties, including Amirova." His statements did not work for this trial, but it was not the trial that made a difference...


The good thing is that everything is either at my friends or on the Internet. So it's no longer so easy to delete it from the record as some would like to. Damn them all with a stripe, as we used to say in our distant childhood, where everything was simple and understandable: this one was a "stinky rat," and one you could take along to a clash and go any place you wanted, to the deserted place behind the disco, between the yacht club and the park - he wouldn't let you down.


There are still a couple of proceedings ahead: the appeal to the second instance, the appeal for cassation. Naturally, you have to go through all of this for the sake of procedural clarity of the process. For instance, in Europe, if you give up appealing, that means that you agree with the verdict.


In Europe they fail to understand that in our case it's a demonstration of lack of will to participate in the farce, which is only referred to as court and justice by "Baimbetovs" of OSCE, who can be unreasonable enough as to complain about the fact that they "cannot afford to buy such a notebook as an oppositionist has."


And they also had the misfortune that their daughter had her Porsche Cayenne burnt three times in a row. And, after all, they say something like that right in front of representatives of 56 countries and in their presence. What shall I call it?


Our times, like the times which are history now, will bring names that will be used symbolically: all these Baldairovs-Mazhilovs-Shaikens along with their sentences and decisions.


What is characteristic is that they all arrantly mind being talked or written about. Why? After all, they are not police detectives, not plain-clothes policemen; they are investigators who should be interested in being famous, that society should appreciate their work which benefits the country's safety.


Meanwhile, they are hiding in the bushes, in the dark, in some nooks. Their names have been mentioned and they are panicking.


If something's wrong, everything's wrong. They pissed away our safety, citizens. They pissed it away because they were so dense, because of their corruption, because they were too cowardly to risk their lives. Because dense, corrupt and cowardly people sit in their offices at governmental agencies, and the ones that risk their lives are those whose names have not been compromised with those agencies.


Or if they have somehow, miraculously saved some remnants of patriotism. There are still such ones; however, they happen to perish exactly in those places where terrorism has raised its ugly head, because those guys from warm agency offices were busy stuffing their pockets, just when they should have put a stop to it, when they should have realized it was necessary to improve the people's quality of life, to do away with social conflict zones by eliminating the root causes rather than by shooting...


After such trials as the ones in Zhanaozen, terrorism will no doubt get fresh reinforcements. I have talked for a long time to those Hillybillies, that's why I know exactly what comes from where. Some people specifically go to prison for a couple of years to gain supporters there and without doubt, they do gain supporters there.


Some35-40% of such 'convicts' are people who have become completely disillusioned with our system of "justice." If investigators manifestly and openly "cook up" your case, then the prosecutor mocks you, by admitting all this crap as evidence, and then the trial is exactly the same: that's it, there we go.


Part of them get broken and agree to become fodder, others will get persuaded that's the way life is and you have to go for eternal bliss,  but the easiest and quickest way to get there is by falling dead in combat against the gentiles, having destroyed as many of them as possible. And the first names on the list are those wearing uniforms, those who have been mocking them.


Every action causes a reaction - this dialectics wasn't invented by us. Some grab it and create pressure, others take advantage of it, yet third ones die and kill fourth ones, and fifth ones, and thousandth ones... And those who understand that it's the first ones that are guilty are sitting on their bunks in prison cells and writing these lines.


Today I was supposed to be visited by Aliya, and to see a dentist, and to see my lawyer. However, this is a jail with a careless approach to what the arrestee wants, what they expect, even if it is in line with the jail rules. Out of all those things I only managed to see the dentist and to see Aliya for about 10 minutes. That's it.


The dentist came in, and realized that he couldn't do anything in here, because the dentist's surgery in the jail is not up to the standards required by the task, and he left. I'll have to request being convoyed to a clinic in town, although it's extremely complex.


With Aliya we only managed to discuss the essence of what we would have liked to; behold the ambiguity of the law in action: I have a right to a visit of up to 3 hours, but "up to" can mean both 2 hours and 59 minutes as well as 3 minutes. And it's up to a guy who doesn't give a damn about your wishes. And it seems that the law is a towing beam steered by specific guys. And it's not the law that makes a difference - it's those guys who are the most important ones.


Aliya showed responses to the sentence to all of those who want to stay informed, not limiting themselves to the "pulp" which the KNB and other dung push through Khabar and KTK. Thank you very much for your participation, because this is the most important and real support which is badly needed here.

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