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Kozlov is a hostage of the authorities. The activist was denied atransfer to a colony with a more lenient regime



 Zarekhnoye, Kazakhstan, 10.02.2015



Vladimir Kozlov was denied a transfer to a colony more lenient regime. The decision was taken by the commission visiting the colony in Zarekhnoye, where the leader of the Alga! partyremains. The rationale for the decision did not take into account the positive opinion of Kozlov that was given by the prison's school.


On 3rd February, a commission came to Zarekhnoye whose only task, in the opinion of Aliya Turusbekova, Kozlov's wife, was to reject her husband's request. It did not consider any other matters. First, a recommendation was made for Kozlov to serve the rest of his sentence in the conditions in which he hasbeen imprisoned to date, and on 5th February, during a second session of the commission, the final decision was made on the matter. 


In Aliya's view, the decision was not taken at the level of the prison administration but by much higher raking officials. I can only assume that the prison administration was waiting for the instruction from above, and if the top leadership had given their approval for the transfer,  the commission would have tranferred him. Buttheapprovalwasnotgiven...- she said interviewed for the portal respublika-kaz.info. Kozlov himself, in the opinion of Turusbekova, considered the decision unfounded and intends to appeal against it.


Source: respublika-kaz.info


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