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Letter from Kozlov

Open Dialog Foundation organised a birthday-card-writing campaign for Kozlov's birthday. We send Mr Kozlov photos of friends and well-wishers with short personal wishes. We received a letter from Kozlov in which he thanks all of his supporters.




The "Piter-3" penal colony, 1 September, 2013


Good day and good health to all my friends - both to those who I know and those whom I have not met yet! I received a birthday gift from you - it is very nice… wonderful, and I really wish to thank you immensely for it. The thought that there are people who remember, who care, who understand that my punishment is unfair, very much helps me to survive here, and you, the foundation and my friends, know exactly how to lift my spirits- көп рақмет, достарым (Kazakh: thank you, friends!).

These photos of people whom I know and whom I don't know, but who have become dear to me now, with their congratulations and best wishes - have become another breath of fresh air of freedom, as a reminder that there are many good, kind-hearted people in the world, and that's why Good always conquers Evil, always and everywhere, maybe not right now, but - it will surely prevail one day!

Your friend (signature)  V. Kozlov



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