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Provocation aimed against Aliya Turusbekova

Kazakhstan, 26 May 2014


The 'Respublika' online portal reported that a provocation is being organised by the special services of Kazakhstan. According to the information obtained by the editorial staff, Astana has developed several  planned actions aimed at discrediting Vladimir Kozlov's wife, Aliya Turusbekova.


This information was provided to Respublika's editorial staff by 'Aman Shabdarbayev' (pseudonym).


"Dear 'Respublika' editors,


Through you, I would like to convey information to Aliya Turusbekova, the wife of Vladimir Kozlov, that employees of the NSC of the RK (National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan) are once again preparing provocations against her in order to discredit her in the eyes of her husband and society.


One of the schemes is designed to surreptitiously entice Aliya to cheat on her husband through the paid employment of young suitors, fully aware of her loneliness, and to contrive situations which will allow for the capture of compromising photos and video footage.


So, please, pass on to Aliya my advice; to be wary of those whom she knows from her school days and subsequent years - provocateurs are also being sought among them.


Provocateurs have been `promised significant remuneration, so there is a risk that one of her male acquaintances will  succumb to the temptation of financial reward. Aliya should be even more cautious with regard to those who strive to become closer to her.


If these plans fail, the staff of the NSC of the RK intend to spread rumours purporting that Aliya is a former informant of the special services and was sent to Kozlov especially to inform on him.


In any case, the services hope to sow discord between Vladimir Kozlov and Aliya Turusbekova, only because she has the opportunity to regularly visit her husband in a penal colony and it is through her, that he can pass  on information which could be sensitive and inconvenient to the Kazakh authorities.


As always, please do not sign the information, but you can call me Aman Shabdarbayev".

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