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OSCE: Draft resolution – The situation in Kazakhstan, 29.06-03.07.2013

  • Suplementary item. Draft resolution on the situation in Kazakhstan.  

U.S. Department of state: 2012 Human Rights Reports: Kazakhstan, 19.04.2013

  • Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – bureau of democracy, human rights and labor.  

auswaertiges-amt.de: Human Rights Commissioner Löning: Deeply disappointed at ruling against Kazakh opposition leader, 09.10.2012

  • Federal Government Human Rights Commissioner Markus Löning has issued the statement on the conviction of Kazakh opposition leader Vladimir Kozlov.  

usembassy.gov: Ambassador Kelly on Sentencing of Vladimir Kozlov in Kazakhstan, 11.09.2012

  • The United States was disappointed to hear of the conviction of Vladimir Kozlov, leader of the opposition party Alga, and is concerned about the apparent use of the judicial system to silence a leading opposition voice in Kazakhstan. Mr. Kozlov was sentenced to seven and a half years imprisonment and confiscation of property.  

OSCE: Republic of Kazakhstan, 16.06.2011

  • Raport shows election observation mission in Kazakstan.  

Russian.kazakhstan.usembassy.gov: U.S. Embassy Statement, 09.10.2012

  • The United States deeply values our strategic partnership with the Republic of Kazakhstan and its commitment to greater openness and democracy. It is in this spirit that we note our concern regarding the prosecution of Vladimir Kozlov and the apparent use of the criminal system to silence opposition voices.  

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