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Vladimir Kozlov: “Thank you all, both those I know and those I don’t know...”

  • Vladimir Kozlov: In a telephone conversation, I mentioned my intention to write a thank you letter to members of the European Parliament, the Polish Sejm and all those who are in one way or another supporting my family in this situation. Below is the body of the letter: more


Reflections on a forced call to “heed the Message of the FPLN (First President and the Leader of the Nation)”

  • An excerpt from Vladimir Kozlov’s letter - Reflections on a forced call to “heed the Message of the FPLN (First President and the Leader of the Nation)” more


A cage and prison ‘kites’ near the ‘Centrum’ metro station. ‘Two faces of Borat’s country’

  • 23 January is the day on which the second anniversary of the imprisonment of Vladimir Kozlov - the leader of the largest Kazakh opposition party ‘Alga!’, falls. more


Authorities of Kazakhstan respond to motions in Kozlov’s case

  • The Department of Consular Service of the Ministry Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan have considered the motion in Kozlov’s case, directed by Lyudmyla Kozlovska, president of the Open Dialog Foundation.  more


The second anniversary of Vladimir Kozlov’s imprisonment

  • On this day (23 January, 2014), two years have passed since the imprisonment by the Kazakh government of Vladimir Kozlov – an opposition politician and civil society activist. more


Vladimir Kozlov: “I’ve had a Kazakh son!"

  • I’ve been on my toes the whole day – I’ve had a Kazakh son!!! more


Vladimir Kozlov has a son!

  • Aliya Turusbekova, the wife of the Kazakh human rights defender Vladimir Kozlov, gave birth to a son. more


A letter from Vladimir Kozlov

  • Vladimir Kozlov wrote a letter to the Open Dialog Foundation. Kozlov thanked for taking action to help him and also expressed his desire to meet with representatives of the Foundation after leaving prison. more


The Second Anniversary of the Zhanaozen tragedy

  • The Zhanaozen tragedy was the brutal pacification by the Kazakh authorities of the strike of oil workers, during which, at least 17 workers were killed, and dozens of people were injured. more

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