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Torture in Kazakhstan: A brief overview of the situation surrounding torture in Kazakhstan in 2013 and 2014

  • Statements by Kazakh authorities about intolerance of torture and willingness to cooperate with civil society in addressing this issue remain declarative and are not implemented efficiently in practice. more


Does Kozlov pose a threat?

  • From Kozlov’s evaluation, written by the head of the colony, in which the dissident is serving his prison sentence, it follows that he poses a threat to the inmates. The false description was used as an argument for the refusal to change the conditions of his imprisonment. more


Court dismisses Kozlov’s appeal

  • The session on the appeal filed by Vladimir Kozlov, concerning the groundless admonitions, set in the city of Kapchagay (Almata oblast) for 4.00 p.m. on Friday (5.12.2014) was moved, unannounced, to Zarechnoye. more


We have received a letter from Vladimir Kozlov

  • Vladimir Kozlov has replied to a message from the Open Dialog Foundation (ODF). In his letter, he thanks the ODF team for their support and remembrance. He has also described the fate of his family which has been divided by Russian propaganda. more


Kozlov: History will never forget it or forgive it

  • "History will never forget it or forgive it” - These were the words of Kozlov when commenting on the decision to extradite Mukhtar Ablyazov from France to Russia. more


What's going on in the Zarechnoye colony?

  • According to nakanune.kz, after the internal troops entered the colony where Vladimir Kozlov is being imprisoned, more than 20 prisoners were beaten and placed in solitary confinement. Allegedly, the facility is now run in a military-style.  more


A search is planned in the Zarechnoye colony

  • According to the information provided by the Kazakh media group Respublika, a search is to be carried out in the penal colony where V. Kozlov is being kept on Friday, 14th November. Military personnel are said to be on location already. more


Exhibition of portraits of political prisoners held in the US

  • Portraits of 176 political prisoners or people expelled from their home countries for their views are the subject of an exhibition which is now on display in the US, within the premises of the 'For-site foundation'. more


"Now I guess I should be thankful I was put in jail earlier...”

  • Another letter from political prisoner Vladimir Kozlov who is serving time in the Zarechniy village, near Almaty, arrived at the editorial office of the ‘Gazeta Novostey’ [‘The news newspaper’]. In the letter, the politician comments on the new Criminal Code which has recently entered into force. more

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