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Isabel Santos meets imprisoned opposition leader

  • Isabel Santos, the Chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly's Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions, met today with jailed Kazakhstani opposition leader V. Kozlov. more


Kozlov about his transfer to the colony in Zarechnoe

  • The Respublika portal has published a letter from Vladimir Kozlov, in which the opposition leader in Kazakhstan describes how he was transported from the Northern Kazakhstan region to Almaty. more


Vladimir Kozlov gave an interview to the Respublika

  • Translation of an interview with Vladimir Kozlov published on the portal Respublika. more


Provocation aimed against Aliya Turusbekova

  • The ‘Respublika‘ online portal reported that a provocation is being organised by the special services of Kazakhstan.  more


Court’s Decision on Confiscation of Kozlov’s Apartment

  • Aliya Turusbekova has published on the Facebook social network the decision of the Almaty court about the confiscation of the apartment. more


Kozlov’s Letter

  • Having visited Kozlov in his penal colony in Zarechnoe, Aliya Turusbekova published his letter on Facebook. more


Kozlov extends wishes to Ablyazov

  • Vladimir Kozlov extends his wishes today to Mukhtar Ablyazov on his 51st birthday. more


Kazakh court turfs Vladimir Kozlov’s wife and child out onto the street

  • On 10th May 2014, the District Court in Almaty made a decision on the forfeiture of Vladimir Kozlov’s apartment to the state. Thus the Kazakh administration of justice may deprive the dissident’s wife and child of the roof over their heads. more


Vladimir Kozlov transported to the town of Zarechnoe near Almaty

  • Vladimir Kozlov’s close friends have confirmed that he has been transferred to a prison in the town of Zarechnoe near Almaty, where he is currently being quarantined. more

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